About Us

 Vaxdyn is a biotechnology company located in Seville, Spain that specializes in the discovery and development of antigens, immunomodulators, nanoparticles and mAbs for infectious diseases. 

Company History

Vaxdyn was founded on 2011 by researchers working in the Infectious Disease Service at the University Hospital Virgen del Rocio in Seville, Spain in order to commercialize promising technology that was being developed in their research laboratories.


Since the foundation, there have been important advances on the candidate’s research, legal contracts, patents registration, business networking and financial matters.

Company Location and Facilities

As a spin-off resulting from work developed in the Biomedical Research Institute of Seville at the Hospital Virgen del Rocío. Vaxdyn has the opportunity to access space in the Biomedical Research Institute of Seville. The Biomedical Research Institute of Seville is a state-of-the-art research complex formed in collaboration between the Hospital Virgen del Rocío, the University of Seville and the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC).





Laboratory Facilities

  • Laboratory space suitable for antigen design
  • Characterization and purification
  • Animal facilty suitable for proof-of-concept studies
  • Core facilities (flow cytometry, imaging systems, etc.)


 Clinical facilities

    • Clinical Unit capable of carrying out
    • Phase I clinical trails

Administrative Offices

    • 20 m² fully equipped office