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Vaxdyn is excited to announce that has been selected to participate in the Next Generation Presentation Track in the BioEurope Conference.

 McConnell MJ, Rumbo C, Bou G, Pachón J

In the present study, we describe the isolation of outer membrane vesicles from A. baumannii and their use as a vaccine in a mouse model of disseminated sepsis.

lucha sin cuartel contra la bacteria Acinetobacter baumanii .

El 11 de abril de 2012, el periodico El País publicó él siguiente artículo que a continuación compartimos, como un ejemplo del impacto social que tiene la investigación que se lleva a cabo desde Vaxdyn

McConnell MJ, Pachón J.

In the present study we demonstrate that immunization with an inactivated whole cell vaccine elicits a robust antibody response that provides protection against challenge with multiple A. baumannii strains in a murine model of disseminated sepsis.